Mathematics with Industry Day (Karlstad, MiMM 2020 – a success!)

I am happy to report a successful Mathematics with Industry day (Dec 15, 2020, Karlstad, Sweden). We solved one of the industrial problems and made progress on the other two. Approximately 35 persons were involved in this adventure, which took place via zoom.

Details on the involved companies and text of the problems can be found via

Talk at the “Department Colloquium” of the Mathematics Department of California State University at Fullerton

Thank you  Jessica Jaynes and Bogdan Suceava for giving me the opportunity to speak about “Evolution of social masses: application of modeling with measures to pedestrian flows” to you and your colleagues! It was a pleasure meeting you online Friday night (11pm in Sweden, 2 pm in California) – a quite unusual timeslot to deliver a scientific talk.

CALL for industrial PROBLEMS (MiMM Day)

“Mathematics with Industry Day” (MiMM Day 2020) will take place for the 4th time in a row in Karlstad (Sweden) on Dec. 15, 2020. We are asking potentially interested companies to send in their problem suggestions (asap, before Nov. 1st, 2020).

Groups of applied mathematicians (“young and old”) are going to deal with selected industrial questions during 1 day.

Results are reported at the end of the day. For more details on the concept of MiMM Day, see #MiMMDay

Harry Nyquist – from Nilsby, Värmland, Sweden

 I have discovered these days that H. Nyquist, whose name I have recognised in connection with Nyquist-Shannon theorem and with stability questions for differential equations, was born in Nilby, close by Karlstad.  I would really love to find out more on him and his life prior the emigration to US as well as afterwards. Have you some hints join this and related matters?