Harry Nyquist – from Nilsby, Värmland, Sweden

 I have discovered these days that H. Nyquist, whose name I have recognised in connection with Nyquist-Shannon theorem and with stability questions for differential equations, was born in Nilby, close by Karlstad.  I would really love to find out more on him and his life prior the emigration to US as well as afterwards. Have you some hints join this and related matters?

My “Introduction to Homogenization” course goes online

Yesterday, I gave  my 1st lecture of the “homogenization course”  via zoom. I am happy to say that I never had a more international audience! To be precise, I had 8 people online from 7 different countries! I think I would have never succeeded to have such audience in the more classical face-to-face teaching.


Correction: Japanese participants from Kanazawa University, Japan, have joined our international pool of graduate students!!! Welcome Kazunori, Masato, ….

New BSc and MSc theses defences in the Applied Analysis Group

I was very lucky to have excellent BSc and MSc students this year.

  1. Kristos Qiqi recently defended his BSc thesis in applied mathematics entitled “Finite Element Approximation of a Moving Boundary Problem Arising in the Modeling of the Spin Coating Process for Thin Films“;
  2. Nicklas Jävergård defended his MSc thesis in engineering physics entitled “Morphology Formation via a Ternary Cahn-Hilliard System during One Species Evaporation as a Moving Boundary Problem – Finite Element Approximation and Implementation in FEniCS“;
  3. David Johansson has defended today his MSc thesis in applied mathematics entitled “Towards Identi􏰜fication of E􏰛ffective Parameters in Heterogeneous Media“.

The pdf files of these works will be available in DIVA.



Joining CSR (Centre for Societal Risk Research)

Last week, I decided to affiliate part of my research with  the Centre for Societal Risk Research (CSR) (https://www.kau.se/en/csr) of Karlstad University, Sweden. By this action, I hope to improve not only the dissemination of the results of my research on crowd dynamics/pedestrian flows but also to come closer to impact on important aspects involving societal risks (like understanding the macro effects of the corona pandemic currently striking more or less everywhere in the world).




Coming back…+ Toyohiko Aiki (Tokyo) a KK-visiting professor in Karlstad

I am now getting back to this blog-let after a long break.  On the bad side of things, the covid19 virus has attacked the whole world and most countries (not Sweden though) are under a harsh lockdown.


In spite of that, maths move on with nearly a regular speed. I am happy to announce that my collaborator Toyohiko Aiki (a mathematics professor with  Japan Women’s university) is now a visiting professor in Karlstad until the end of  August 2020. We thank the KK Foundation for kindly supporting this activity.