Hammarlunden school chess team (Hammarö) at Skollags SM 2017 (Stockholm)

A very good presence of the Hammarlunden school chess team (Victor and Felix Muntean + Olof and Nils Mattsson)!!

The team played yesterday and today at Skollags-SM in Stockholm and got the place 7 out of 23 school teams (stronger e.g. than many teams from Göterborg, Uppsala, Lund, Vesterås,  and a couple of Stockholm teams) at the mellanstadiet level.

The results can be seen here:


Chess & Friends Tournament at Hammarö SSK

Monday (5 Dec. 2016) evening 18 club players and chess admirers, both adults and children, have competed in 3 groups ( 4-4-10, depending on their chess level).  Kjell-Åke, Gabriel and Viggo are the winners. We all had fun and look forward to the next chess event.