Harry Nyquist – from Nilsby, Värmland, Sweden

 I have discovered these days that H. Nyquist, whose name I have recognised in connection with Nyquist-Shannon theorem and with stability questions for differential equations, was born in Nilby, close by Karlstad.  I would really love to find out more on him and his life prior the emigration to US as well as afterwards. Have you some hints join this and related matters?

My “Introduction to Homogenization” course goes online

Yesterday, I gave  my 1st lecture of the “homogenization course”  via zoom. I am happy to say that I never had a more international audience! To be precise, I had 8 people online from 7 different countries! I think I would have never succeeded to have such audience in the more classical face-to-face teaching.


Correction: Japanese participants from Kanazawa University, Japan, have joined our international pool of graduate students!!! Welcome Kazunori, Masato, ….