New BSc and MSc theses defences in the Applied Analysis Group

I was very lucky to have excellent BSc and MSc students this year.

  1. Kristos Qiqi recently defended his BSc thesis in applied mathematics entitled “Finite Element Approximation of a Moving Boundary Problem Arising in the Modeling of the Spin Coating Process for Thin Films“;
  2. Nicklas Jävergård defended his MSc thesis in engineering physics entitled “Morphology Formation via a Ternary Cahn-Hilliard System during One Species Evaporation as a Moving Boundary Problem – Finite Element Approximation and Implementation in FEniCS“;
  3. David Johansson has defended today his MSc thesis in applied mathematics entitled “Towards Identi􏰜fication of E􏰛ffective Parameters in Heterogeneous Media“.

The pdf files of these works will be available in DIVA.