Joining CSR (Centre for Societal Risk Research)

Last week, I decided to affiliate part of my research with  the Centre for Societal Risk Research (CSR) ( of Karlstad University, Sweden. By this action, I hope to improve not only the dissemination of the results of my research on crowd dynamics/pedestrian flows but also to come closer to impact on important aspects involving societal risks (like understanding the macro effects of the corona pandemic currently striking more or less everywhere in the world).




Coming back…+ Toyohiko Aiki (Tokyo) a KK-visiting professor in Karlstad

I am now getting back to this blog-let after a long break.  On the bad side of things, the covid19 virus has attacked the whole world and most countries (not Sweden though) are under a harsh lockdown.


In spite of that, maths move on with nearly a regular speed. I am happy to announce that my collaborator Toyohiko Aiki (a mathematics professor with  Japan Women’s university) is now a visiting professor in Karlstad until the end of  August 2020. We thank the KK Foundation for kindly supporting this activity.