Possibility for a PhD scholarship in applied mathematics (La Sapienza univ., Rome and Karlstad univ., Sweden)

Excellent MSc students in mathematics and/or theoretical physics willing to work together with me and Prof. Emilio Cirillo (SBAI, Rome, http://www.sbai.uniroma1.it/~emilio.cirillo/index.php)  for a PhD thesis at the border between probability theory and mathematical analysis are invited to contact either me or Emilio asap.


The call for applications is: https://cofund.altamatematica.it/dp-2015/main/website

Call for Papers: Multiscale Inverse Problems (Applicable Analysis, Taylor Francis)

The special issue focuses mainly on multiscale aspects of numerical and mathematical analysis  of inverse problems.

Topics include: 

  • Inverse problems
  • Multiscale deterministic and stochastic PDEs
  • Identification problems related to sparse and coherent multiscale large data
  • Applications to mathematical foundations of material sciences

If you are interested to submit a manuscript, see


Chess & Friends Tournament at Hammarö SSK

Monday (5 Dec. 2016) evening 18 club players and chess admirers, both adults and children, have competed in 3 groups ( 4-4-10, depending on their chess level).  Kjell-Åke, Gabriel and Viggo are the winners. We all had fun and look forward to the next chess event.