Applied Analysis Group (Adrian Muntean, prof. dr. habil.)

Adrian Muntean is a professor of mathematics at Karlstad University (Sweden), with  interests spreading  towards a large variety of mathematical topics, ranging from the mathematical analysis of partial differential equations and interacting particle systems (and their direct applications in science and technology) to the mathematical modeling in materials science as well as for social systems.


Adrian currently works with 3 PhD students:

Surendra Nepal (Karlstad univ., Sweden)

Vishnu Raveendran (Karlstad univ., Sweden)

Simon Grützner (Uni-Bremen, Germany, now working on information security in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Arthur Vromans (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands & Karlstad univ., Sweden) has recently graduated (Oct 25, 2019), while Thoa Thieu has graduated on Dec. 3, 2020 and Omar Richardson has graduated on May 19 (2021). The next one to finish the PhD training is Simon.

N.B. In the picture from left to right: Omar, Surendra, Thoa (row 1), Arthur, Adrian and Vishnu (row 2)

My publication list (February 2021) is:

Publication List (February, 2021, only items retrieved via Mendeley – hence incomplete)